This is not an informative post and if you are here for that, you can stop reading further here only. So, let’s have some fun now and share your reason of proud why you choose to be a mechanical engineer.

1. You get the opportunity to create something tangible and useful. Your creations will be used by others. It gives you the greatest joy.


2. Mechanical Engineering is the broadest branch of engineering…so your career options are open even after you graduate:-

Defence, Civil services, High end R&D, Manufacturing, Design, Energy sector, Management, Entrepreneurship, Masters(ME/MS)


3. Variety to be learnt- you learn how to design and make things ranging from a Safety Pin to a Spacecraft.


4. Easy to imagine and visualize whatever you learn


5. Develop a range of skills – you learn the work of a machine operator (machinist), a smith, a foundryman, a mechanic, a plant manager, a researcher and a policy maker.


6.  You work with massive machines (majestic in nature) to tiny precision instruments, micro and nano devices…you’ll be savviest engineer.


7. Importance of your work.

You form the human resource that is required for the survival of any industry and forms the backbone of modern human life. You are the person who may generate power/energy from natural resources, make equipment and processes to mine minerals, make cars, bikes, buses, trucks, planes, ships (transportation can be compared to human blood that transports nutrients), make machines that manufacture products ranging from food to surgical instruments to weapons,mange factories and businesses.


8. Get paid handsomely (after gaining a few years experience even if not as a fresher).


9. Not much of girls hanging around

mechanical engineering

(they usually don’t prefer to opt for this course,its thought to be a manly course).You dont have to worry about getting dressed perfectly for class or for girls giggling at you for some silly or not so silly but serious reason. You are in a man’s world. But there are a few out of the ordinary and brainy girls who do take up this course and love it.


10.It sounds and feels nice to be called a Mechanical Engineer.

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