21. Use fans over air conditioner: If you can manage delaying turning on the AC, go for it. Same goes in the winter months. Use floor heaters and blankets.

22. Turn off the lights: When you leave a room, turn off the lights!

23. Open windows: In the summer, opening windows in the early morning will cool the house without cranking the air conditioning yet.

24. Turn off the fans: If you’re AC is running, there’s no need to have two energy sources going at the same time.

25. Reduce TV watching time: Especially those of us with young kids, TV watching is not only a waste on energy, but children need to be focused on a variety of activities anyway.

26. Hang dry clothes: If possible, hang dry towels, sheets, and other items that take a lot of energy to dry. Clothes dryer uses a lot of energy and produces heat. Use sunlight to dry your clothes.

27. Rearrange appliances: Having major appliances next to each other can double the amount of energy being emitted. If your washer and dryer are next to your water heater, if possible, consider moving them.

28. Buy energy star appliances: Keeping your 1980’s freezer in the garage from your mother is guzzling down money compared to top quality and energy efficient appliances nowadays.

electricity cost

29. Install energy efficient windows: Installing energy efficient windows is another great way to save on your electricity bill. There are also often tax rebates and other discounts available for going green.

30. Turn off the porch light: There’s nothing more comforting than driving through your neighborhood, seeing everyone’s porch lights illuminating the way home. Beautiful, yes, but a big waste of energy. Putting your outdoor lights on a timer will balance comfort vs. savings.