Petrol engine vs diesel engine Emissions

Diesel engines are far more pollutant than gasoline engines (Nox, Sox, black smoke, CO, HC)

Petrol engine vs diesel engine. Who needs Diesel?

If you drive over 20,000 miles (or 30,000 km) per year, you might need a Diesel engine – the money that you save from fuel will exceed the costs of maintenance).

If you drive a manual transmission, having a Diesel engine makes driving easier (because of the higher torque)

If you don’t drive just around town, a Diesel is worth having

Petrol engine vs diesel engine. Who needs Gasoline?

You live in an extremely cold area (-20 C and below)

You don’t drive more than 10,000 miles/year

You drive mostly around town

You like driving aggressively

You want more comfort (less noise, less vibrations)

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